Product Care

Keeping your Selsela jewelry and accessories items clean and fabulous isn’t difficult or expensive, just follow below simple steps to have them sparkle and at their best at all time. 


Please kindly note that Selsela Jewelry and Items are made of semi-precious gemstones, cubic zirconia, sterling silver, yellow and rose gold plated sterling silver or brass, and silver plated unless otherwise stated.

We advise not to store your pieces in damp and hot conditions, if the weather conditions require this, in this case please store them separately in air tight plastic bags to reduce the effects of discoloration and tarnish.

Please keep them away from cosmetics, skin and hair products as well as perfume. These chemicals can react and causing them to tarnish and gradually wear away. We advise to apply cosmetic products in advance of putting on your jewelry accessories. We recommend to always take off jewelry when applying cosmetics and perfumes, when taking a shower, during intensive physical activities, bathing or swimming.

When removing your jewelry accessories items either before applying cosmetic products or at the end of your day, please make sure to store them in separate pouches to prevent pieces from rubbing and scratching one another, Selsela always include pouches in your shipment package for such a use. Again, when removing jewelry, make sure to clean and wipe with a soft lint and keep them in separate pouches or tight plastic bag (zip-lock) to avoid scratching and rubbing against one another. 

We recommend to remove all jewelry when asleep at night.

Occasionally clean your gemstone jewelry with a soft lint-free cleaning cloth to wipe away salts and oils.

When taking off your gemstone jewelry, do not pull on the stones instead remove it from the metal section.

Pearls, amber, corals and any other organic gemstones should only be wiped clean, these gems will be soft and permeable. Take extra care with your organic gemstones as chemicals, cosmetics, perfumes, lotions, skin and hair products could damage and stain them easily.

Opaque gems such as Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli may get discolored by the use of chemicals and soap. We advise to gently wipe these gems with a moist cloth.

Please have in mind that some gemstones are less hard and less strong than some others, therefore can be more prone to scratching. Please take special care when wearing gemstone jewelry in general.

Do not let acids, chemicals, or solvents like chlorine, sulfur, detergent get anywhere near any of your gemstones.


Sterling Silver jewelry can be cleaned in warm water with some foamy soap. Make sure to fully rinse and dry before storing away to avoid tarnishing. You can also polish your sterling silver jewelry with a soft polishing cloth. 

You can use soft polishing cloth to gently wipe your gold-plated jewelry. We advise to not scrub or rub as this may make your gold-plated jewelry wear away more quickly than expected.

Please do not use any kind of aggressive cleaners to clean your jewelry.

After each wear, wipe your jewelry with soft, dry, lint-free polishing cloth to remove your skin's natural oils or make-up.

We recommend wiping metal surfaces softly with a polishing cloth but avoid doing excessive rubbing as it will scrub off the plating on any plated metal and alter the texture on the surface of the items made of different metal types such as but not limited to brass, silver, silver plated and gold-plated. Try to avoid the use of polishing cloths on pearls, turquoise, coral, opal, and others in particular gemstones.


Due to natural wear and tear over time, your jewelry might require re-polishing, re-plating or repairs. Please contact us and we will advise you on best way for evaluation and possibility of repair, Selsela Jewelry and Accessories Items are not governed under any Product Warranty or Guarantee but our support team will try best to make you happy.

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